Stay Cool While Saving Electricity

Have you ever wonder why your air con doesn’t seem to get the right cooling sensation you are looking for? What about electric usage?

Here’s a solution that is likely to cost you a little but offers great saving on the long run simply by installing a “Door Seal”

Yes! Door seal prevents cold air from escaping through the gap underneath the door.

Choose a bottom door seal with brush instead of rubber.

A brush seal is recommended over rubber to avoid leaving scratch mark and stain on the floor. It is gentle yet able to trap the cold air within the room.

In the master bedroom, it is also recommended to install one at the bathroom door.

Beside keeping the place cooler while saving electricity bill, door seal also helps to keep out dust and pest.

While the air con is not in operation, it is good to open up windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter your room.

Air circulation helps to prevent mold from growing inside the aircon system as well as your home furniture.

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